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Has Your Soul Been Ignited?

Moses saw a burning bush. The Israelites were led by a pillar of fire. Believers witnessed flames on the Day of Pentecost. In When Faith Catches Fire, Samuel Rodriguez & Robert Crosby partner to draw our attention to a new fire igniting in the Latino Church—an invitation to Christians everywhere, to rekindle a passionate faith.

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Fully experience the joy of God and the passion of His Spirit. Develop a true sense of unity amidst diversity in the body of Christ. Make an eternal impact on their families, communities, and the world. Set your soul on fire.

About The Book

As a follower of Jesus, has your soul been truly set afire?

What can move your faith from a principle you learn to a passion you experience? According to Samuel Rodriguez and Dr. Robert Crosby, the answer might be found in a surprising place: the Latino church. As the fastest growing minority in America, Latinos are impacting church culture through vibrant worship, fervent prayer, and a commitment to change the world–one soul at a time.

Christian leaders are witnessing a remarkable phenomenon, kindled first in the Latino/Hispanic community and spreading like wildfire throughout the global church.

Latinos are much discussed in the United States for their dynamic political and socioeconomic impact, but not as much is said about their spiritual influence. In reality the effects of the Latino church are more akin to a spiritual awakening than a mere social trend. And there is so much all believers can learn from Latino Christ-followers.

At the core of this dramatic shift is a call to embrace a more soulful, passionate faith. In this powerful book, Christians will gain valuable insights on how to:

  •  Fully experience the joy of God and the passion of His Spirit.
  • Develop a true sense of unity amidst diversity in the body of Christ.
  • Make an eternal impact on their families, communities, and the world.

Complete with discussion questions for individual reflection or small group use, this timely work will challenge the status quo of passionless Christianity and set the believer’s soul ablaze.

The Latino Protestant boom is transforming American religious practices and politics.

—Time Magazine

The Authors

Meet the minds behind the thoughts

Samuel Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez is president of NHCLC/Conela, an international organization of more than 500,000 evangelical churches. He is a sought after voice in White House and congressional meetings and is regularly featured on CNN, Fox News, NBC Telemundo, and other major news outlets. The author of The Lamb’s Agenda, Rodriguez is senior pastor of New Seasons Christian Worship Center in Sacramento, California, where he resides with his wife Eva, their three children and two grandchildren. Learn more about Sam at


Dr. Robert C. Crosby is a pastor, conference speaker, and the co-founder of Teaming Life ( He serves as Professor of Practical Theology at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. He has pastored multi-ethnic churches in New York, Boston, and Tampa. His most recent books include The One Jesus Loves, The Will of a Man & The Way of a Woman, and The Teaming Church.  He writes for Christianity Today, Leadership Journal, Outreach Magazine, and The Huffington Post.


  • As you read When Faith Catches Fire, I believe you’ll be deeply affected and your eyes will be opened to something phenomenal God is doing today in the Latino church. The Spirit of God is igniting the faith and influence of Hispanic Christians and churches all over the world and right here in our communities.

    Robert Morris

    Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
    Best-selling author of The Blessed Life, The God I Never Knew, Truly Free, and Frequency 

    Robert Morris
  • There is no doubt Latinos are next in line within our society and culture to lead. When Faith Catches Fire is the prophetic and unapologetic response to the passionate wave of change that is on the cusp of exploding from the church to the corridors of Washington. Samuel and Crosby have unearthed the undeniable sound of the forthcoming Latino era and this book will be the impetus of that emergence. It’s the dawn of a new day and Latinos are leading the way.

    Sergio De La Mora

    Founding Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church of San Diego, San Diego, California
    Hispanic Mega Church Association, President
    Author of The Heart Revolution: Experience the Power of a Turned Heart

    Sergio De La Mora
  • As I have traveled the world, it is more apparent now than ever before that God is working in and through the lives of the Latino people. I believe people change the world.  The passionate fire from the heart of this book will serve as a rallying cry to all Latinos and beyond. Now is the time we must unify in the gospel of Jesus Christ and reach this world for Christ.

    Dr. Ronnie Floyd

    Senior Pastor, Cross Church
    Immediate Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention

    Dr. Ronnie Floyd
  • As our nation continues to grow increasingly divided across racial, political, and ideological lines, there is a clear opportunity for Christian Churches and leaders to demonstrate real reconciliation and unity. In Faith Catches Fire, the authors educate the reader on the flourishing Latino church in America, and give us imagination for what’s possible when the Church is less segregated, more multicultural, and embraces the beauty of different cultures.

    Gabe Lyons

    Founder of Q-Ideas and Author of Good Faith, Unchristian and The Next Christians

    Gabe Lyons
  • God is doing so many amazing things around the world today. One of the most exciting is the passion and growth of the Latino church.  In When Faith Catches Fire, Samuel and Robert bring us up close to this incredible growing movement of Christians. Read it and you will find your own faith enriched and reignited.

    Roma Downey

    Producer, actress, President and Chief Content Officer at Lightworkers Media (a division of MGM Studios)

    Roma Downey
  • Samuel Rodriguez and Robert Crosby provide a much-needed perspective on the global church and encourage all Christ-followers to stand united while celebrating the diversity represented in the Body of Christ. Readers will be inspired to live out a more passionate, joy-filled faith, focused less on the rules of religion and more on cultivating a soulful relationship with their Creator and those in their community.

    Bobby Gruenewald

    Founder of YouVersion/The Bible App

    Bobby Gruenewald
  • When Faith Catches Fire is a faithfully documented work which reflects the growing influence of the Latino people in the United States, and the positive effects it has had upon this nation. It is a call to action for the Church to unite the message of the cross with Christ’s same love and passion, consequently spreading the fire of the Holy Spirit throughout our communities.

    Rev. Alberto M. Delgado, M.A., Th. D.

    President, South Florida Hispanic Ministers Association
    Senior Pastor, Alpha & Omega Church-Iglesia

    Rev. Alberto M. Delgado, M.A., Th. D.
  • Latino spirituality has ushered in a fresh passion for an experiential relationship with God.  Personal, relational, and expressive, this passion is impacting the global church.  This is the Latino Reformation and the Christian faith community is embracing it.  Truly, God is at work today and the Hispanic and Latino church has caught fire.  Rodriguez and Crosby have captured this Divine Work in a remarkable way in When Faith Catches Fire.  These younger leaders and scholars have encapsulated the genuine key to living, uniting and changing the world…with passion!  This book is a required read for anyone seeking to understand a personal, dynamic relationship with God.

    Dr. Robert E. Cooley

    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    Dr. Robert E. Cooley
  • When Faith Catches Fire is a fresh and serious study, understanding and affirmation the nature and scope of the Latino and Hispanic Churches in the USA. It’s a book about the contributions these Churches are making or able to make in the broad spectrum of the ecclesiastic world within the North American culture. This book presents facts, visions, possibilities, opportunities and challenges. Indeed it’s true: The Hispanic and Latino Church in on fire! I recommend the reading of this book if you are looking to serve and serve well in the midst of our 21th century, multicultural society.

    Dr. Samuel Pagan

    Dean for Hispanic Programs
    Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies – Jerusalem and Lakeland 

    Dr. Samuel Pagan
  • When Faith Catches Fire is both an exploration and a celebration of the ‘salsafication’ of the church—God’s work among Latinos and Hispanics in the U.S. and worldwide. This topic is prophetic and indispensable. I am deeply grateful to Robert and Samuel for this book. God will use it in splendid ways.

    John Ortberg

    Senior Pastor of Menlo Church, and author of All The Places To Go

    John Ortberg
  • The growing Latino presence is widely recognized as a critical theme in the contemporary United States.  But as Rodriguez and Crosby show so powerfully, that presence has a powerful and transformative religious dimension. When Faith Catches Fire is a timely and inspiring survey of the vibrant world of Latin faith. An exciting book!

    Dr. Philip Jenkins

    Distinguished Professor of History
    Institute for Studies of Religion
    Baylor University

    Dr. Philip Jenkins
  • When Faith Catches Fire shines an informed light on Latinos among us, a multiethnic population of Christian faith shaping the future of the American Church. Pastors and parishioners, alike, would do well to read this book in pursuit of cross-cultural engagement and competence, as well as to embrace the joys of walking, working, and worshipping God together as one in the local church – una familia – for the sake of the gospel.

    Dr. Mark DeYmaz

    Pastor, Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas
    President, Mosaix Global Network
    Author, Disruption and Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church

    Dr. Mark DeYmaz
  • There is a groundswell of reformation and revival among Latino Christians today. For many, this Latino Reformation is unknown, unrecognized, and unimportant — three good reasons why every white and black Christian needs to read When Faith Catches Fire. The only way to become the Body of Christ God wants for us is when we all join hands in one fellowship.

    Scot McKnight

    Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament
    Northern Seminary

    Scot McKnight
  • Samuel Rodriguez and Robert Crosby in this book masterfully submerge us into the enthusiasm, passion and hope of the Latino Church.

    Guillermo Aguayo

    Co-Founder, Salvemos a la Familia (“Save the Family”), Lima, Peru

    Guillermo Aguayo

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